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Exhale Dance Studio- Winnipeg Dance Studio For Children, Teens & Adults

written by Shannon Putter  |  Studio Owner


From the moment your child sets foot into Exhale Dance studio they know it is a place they belong. While they participate in carefully crafted quality programming, your child will get to know our exceptional team and be immersed into the magical details of our experiences first hand.


At Exhale you can take a deep breath and relax.  Your child’s best interest is at the centre of our hearts. Through dance, they will learn to celebrate victories and challenges, learning that it is through perseverance where they will find success.   


Through their connection of friendships, your child will continue to grow in the place they call their second home, creating memories they will cherish forever.  Your child's heart will soar as their passion for dance grows. They step through their dance journey learning artistry, grace, and integrity, all while developing impeccable dance technique.


Confident young people.  That is what they become.  Humans who hold their heads high with pride knowing they have been encouraged to become the best dancer they can be. More importantly, the best person they can be.  They achieve a beautiful self awareness that allows them to express themselves in a manner that is true to who they are. 


It is both an honour and a privilege to dance with your family. For us, there is no greater joy than inspiring our students of today and tomorrow, and watching them become amazing accomplished young people.

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