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Winnipeg Dance Classes For Toddlers

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XPloring Dance Pre - K: Dance Classes for 3-4 year olds

Stand out smiles and tiny toes, imagine the adventure their little feet will take them on. Clapping hands, and engaging music will turn dance class into an enchanting experience. Our warm and caring dance teachers will create an atmosphere of playful learning while sharing their love of dance with your child.  See the wonder in their eyes while they XPlore their imaginations through movement in dance.  


Dance class is more than just an activity, it is creative expression. Dance is an outlet  that your child will enjoy while learning many valuable developmental skills. Our dance classes for your 2-4 year old will focus on establishing basic motor skills through imaginative exercises and interactive activities which will spark engagement while encouraging creativity and imagination.


At Exhale Dance Studio, we pride ourselves on age-appropriate content for all of our students. This means that all fundamental movement taught in our dance classes, as well as all music used, will be entirely catered to their specific age group.

Tiny Twos (2 Years) is the perfect dance class for two year olds. Watch wonder unfold in this 30 minute creative movement class that is a toddler’s first step into the world of dance. This parent and me program focuses on interactive and imaginative songs while instilling basic movements and coordination based on ballet technique. 


Tip Tap Toe (3-4 Years) As a first introduction to dance class or a perfect transition out of Tiny Twos, Tip Tap Toe is a magical way to spark imagination and excitement in your tiny loved one. This combination ballet/tap class is sure to enrich and delight your child. 


Hippity Hop (3-4 Years) This 30 minute class creatively teaches the fundamentals of hip hop while focusing on rhythm and coordination in a high-energy environment. Your child will bust a move in this always age appropriate dance class.  


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