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Winnipeg Dance Classes For Kids

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Petite: Dance Classes For 5-6 year olds

When your child reaches the age of 5-6 years old and you’re looking for the perfect out of school activity for them, dance is the answer. A creative and physically active activity will help your child unwind outside of school. We offer weekday and weekend options for all of our class options to ensure you can find the time slot that works best for you. Dancers will learn fundamental techniques through exercises and interactive activities. All classes in our Petite Program are catered to the learning capabilities of this age group to ensure dancers are progressing at a level appropriate for their age group. The combination classes are structured to keep your dancer engaged and foster their natural learning abilities. Splitting the class into two 30 minute parts aides in maintaining engagement and therefore keeping the class progressing through class material at a healthy pace.


What can you expect your dancer to learn while in their Petite Program classes? There are countless lessons that our teachers focus on instilling in your child during their time in our Petite classes. Students will gain experience in and knowledge of a healthy learning environment through interactions with their peers and their instructor. They will learn the fundamental techniques appropriate for their age group in their respective styles. Coordination and posture during movement are also crucial skills that will be worked on. Lastly, your dancer will have a basic understanding of counting music and maintaining rhythm.


Petite Ballet/Tap is one of two combination classes offered for 5-6 year olds. Dancers will continue establishing the fundamental movements of ballet and tap technique as they engage in this upbeat, interactive class.


Petite Jazz/Hip Hop is our other option for combination classes offered for 5-6 year olds. This engaging, upbeat class focuses on teaching introductory jazz technique and basic hip hop movements while also teaching rhythm and coordination.


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