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Winnipeg Dance Classes For Kids

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Pre-Junior:  Dance Classes for 7-9 year olds

Our Pre-Junior Program is pleased to offer multiple class options for a wide variety of dancers in the 7-9 year old age group. With a variety of classes, some being combination classes, you are sure to find one or more classes that your growing dancer will thrive in. Classes in the Pre-Junior Program are structured in a framework that supports the natural abilities and learning capabilities of this age group. The variety of styles offered means we are sure we can find the perfect fit for what your dancer is interested in and what their creative side naturally gravitates to.


As a parent, you can expect your child to learn a variety of terminology and technique in any of our Pre-Junior Program classes. Classes are structured to keep students engaged and excited about learning as they progress through class material. A prominent focus at this age is instilling correct technique that is safe, age appropriate, and healthy for their physical capabilities. The combination classes are formulated to build on similar established technical aspects, while the add-on classes branch off of the technique learned and into the respective style. As always, we aim to foster a healthy and safe learning environment where dancers build lifelong friendships and grow in their love of dance.


Pre-Junior Ballet/Lyrical is one of two combination classes offered in our Pre-Junior Program. This class teaches introductory ballet technique paired with lyrical, which builds off of ballet-type movement.


Pre-Junior Jazz/Tap is our other combination class offered in our Pre-Junior Program. This upbeat and engaging class teaches introductory jazz and tap technique.


Pre-Junior Hip Hop is a creative and upbeat class option for 7-9 year olds. Dancers will focus on rhythm and creativity while learning Hip Hop technique.


Acroflex is a wonderful class option for dancers looking to branch into a unique style of dance. This class instills safe and proper Acroflex technique while learning skills at an appropriate age and skill level.


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